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AdRevenuePro 5level commission
Author Topic: AdRevenuePro 5level commission  (Read 877 times)
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Feb 28, 2015 06:56 pm

i am not admin


AdRevenuePro is a powerful revenue sharing advertising platform that offers a unique solution to its members to advertise and earn at the same time.

You buy advertising credits from AdRevenuePro by purchasing ad shares.

As an advertiser you can buy Advert Credits to advertise on our site without any earnings on the purchase, just traffic to your website.

We may not guarantee sales to you with our advert Credit, but we will guarantee you live traffic to your website.

Plan 1 (No Membership):
Price Per Share $5
Maturity Amount 120%
Maturity Amount $6
Credit Package: 5000 Banner Ad Credits 5000 Text Ad Credits
Plan 2 (No Membership):
Price Per Share $50
Maturity Amount 140%
Maturity Amount $70
Credit Package: 50000 Banner Ad Credits 50000 Text Ad Credits
Plan 3 (Simple Membership):
Price Per Share $100
Maturity Amount 160%
Maturity Amount $160
Credit Package: 100000 Banner Ad Credits 100000 Text Ad Credits
Plan 4 (Premium Membership):
Price Per Share $500
Maturity Amount 180%
Maturity Amount $900
Credit Package: 500000 Banner Ad Credits 500000 Text Ad Credits
Plan 5 (Pro Membership):
Price Per Share $1000
Maturity Amount 200%
Maturity Amount $2000
Credit Package: 1000000 Banner Ad Credits 1000000 Text Ad Credits
Compounding allowed:
There is 50% cash-out rule for stability.
AdRevenuePro is a truly 100% passive income opportunity.

15% Affiliate Program (5 Levels 10%-2.0%-1.5%-1.0%-0.5%)

Accepts : Perfect Money, Payza, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin

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