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November Newsletter
Author Topic: November Newsletter  (Read 849 times)
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Nov 29, 2009 06:18 am

Hey everyone, the month's almost over, but we still have some interesting news for you Smiley


Finally we have upgraded our referral selling system. As from now on, our system will only sell referrals that have logged in in the last 5 days.

We have also recoded our registration form totally. Existing users won't notice much about this, but first results show that our active member after registration ratio raised with 24%!

***Quick Approval Offer***

The FreeSafeListMail on http://buxp.info/offers.php is a 5 minute offer that will make you some extra money on BuxP. Make sure to check out our other offers!

***FREE Premium***

Due to the high success, we will extend this offer for another month. Watch testimonials from the past winners on our forum! http://buxp.info/freepremium.php

***Upcoming Features***

-We are going to add the posibility to convert your money to 1000 Member Visits (instead of the 101 option right now)
-Expect some new promotions very soon
-We have plans to reduce the waiting line for standard members, more info to be announced.
-Suggestions for new features? Post them on the forum.

***For Webmasters Only***

If you have valuable content on your site and you want to make money from it, we can only suggest CPALead. It is the same software that we run on our FREE Premium Page. For more info, go to http://www.cpalead.com/apply.php?ref=14843

***Server Maintenance***

On the 3rd of December, our hosting company will do a server maintenance that will cause the site to be down for at least 1 hour. You will find updates on our blog and twitter.

We want to thank you for your loyalty, and hope you will be using our website for many more years Smiley
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