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want to start a PTC site
Author Topic: want to start a PTC site  (Read 4275 times)
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Reply #30: Jan 20, 2015 11:32 pm

Thanks for all your replies.

I am still missing few informations, like payment handling and company registration.

I have personal paypal/payza/perfectmoney account, Is it sufficient?

I heard about some limits, like sending limit, If i send/receive money to 1000 peoples,   really paypal will allow without asking questions?

Can i use the same account for sending and receiving?

i have seen few PTC sites are showing their registration document. Without such registration, people will be interested still? How to register in india?

Any PTC owner in EMS, please reply.

Personal Payza and Perfect money accounts will work but not PayPal. PayPal will require you to use business account.  thumbs up
PayPal's business account have some limits but you won't face any hopefully.
People are interested in money not registration of company.  pray
You can register your company for $15 or Euro
If you want to register a company locally then visit your local registrar and show him the article of association  thumbs up
I remember vaguely the whole procedure but you pick a company name, purpose, members and capital. Show initial capital. I think minimum was 50 thousand rupee.
On the other hand if you register your company through UK online there are no documents needed. Just company name, Address and fees  thumbs up

and i have one more question.

Till i get advertisers, I have to survive for sometime, consider a period of month,

I have to show minimal advertisement to the members, how much do think that i need to spend for a period of month to 1000 members( just a assumption)

any advice how can i get the advertiser prior to launching the PTC site,

The problem is advertiser is that it can take a month or a year for a site to grow. I would recommend to initially use PTCWALL for PTC advertisements  thumbs up

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