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Latest Earning oportunity!!
Author Topic: Latest Earning oportunity!!  (Read 1329 times)
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Aug 04, 2014 05:10 am

hi there
i came through latest cryptocurrency and they are currently giving out free coins....now they don't have any ref program like latoum but their coin price is awesome so just signup and trade all your coins at justcoin.com
Now signup at https://launch.stellar.org/#/register
After signup add your fb account and verify your email so you will get a total of about 2.65 k coins and now you can trade these coins at justcoin.com
many people will try to steal your coins at cheap prices but please don't sell it to anyone but just earn them and sell it on justcoin.com
Now when you send your first 1000 coins then you will get 1000 to your wallet again in return so just send your 1k coins to me and i will send you 700 coins to you so you will get 1700 coins for nothing.
please 300 coins is my fair cut

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