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Flipbux Referral Contest! $200+ prizes!!
Author Topic: Flipbux Referral Contest! $200+ prizes!!  (Read 960 times)

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Nov 19, 2009 06:42 am


We are opening a Referral Contest!

This is worth $200.

So whats special about it???

See you all can participate but all the referrals you refer must be real. No chinese/taiwan/vietnam people here.

All referrals must be registered after 20th November 2009. Other referrals will be not counted!

What are the prizes??

1st Position: Free 1 month Modern MemberShip:D + $10 In Rental Balance+ $5 in Advertiser Balance.

2nd Position: Free 1 month Classic Membership + $10 in Rental Balance + $5 in Advertiser Balance.

3rd Position: Free 1 month Classic Membership.

4th Position: $5 By PayPal
5th Position: $2 By PayPal

Plus all those who refers more than 25 people will get a newly created membership which will be activated later "The Trusted".

This Makes it +$200 contest!

So people don't wait!

Start referring people now!
Others have started already!

Promote anywhere anyhow!

This is your world!
Then win it by winning our referral contest!!:lol::lol:

Admin, Dev.

For the forum link:- http://www.flipbux.com/forum/view_topic.php?cat=5&id=40

Go to the site directly www.flipbux.com

Contest will end when we have 2000 members

I am a big scammer who ripps people off money, my IP range is
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