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Adzbux - Never lose money again! No investment needed... Ever!
Author Topic: Adzbux - Never lose money again! No investment needed... Ever!  (Read 15019 times)
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Reply #45: Jun 08, 2019 11:29 AM

hi admin
i have aquestion
i used many manual surf sites to earn from ptp in your site
but all not worked
please tell me some manual surf sites that adzbux accept to i can begin worked in site

There are many that work, There is another upcoming update to separate the PTC, Traffic exchange and other visits so you can easily understand which sites work and which ones dont.

i have never seen any advertiser on your ptp link so i never tried to promote ptp link
is it working only in surf frame or i should see some other way ptp page? (directly it is almost blank since you started the site)

You may have an antivirus that stop iframes from showing the content. Or your account/ I.P is banned from our site, therefore there will be no ads loaded in your browser, there are many reasons but i still see sites when i load up a PTP page.
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