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Tell me a good upload site (like shareware) that pays for downloads.
Author Topic: Tell me a good upload site (like shareware) that pays for downloads.  (Read 1408 times)
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Nov 09, 2009 06:39 pm


I have some files to share and I am want to make a little bit of cash with them, I am looking for a site where I can upload the files and that pays me every time somebody downloads the files. Well, may not be 'every time', just say, like $10 for every 1000 downloads, or whatever.

I have no idea of how these programs work, I just want honest opinion form an expert on those trades. I have read about some sites that give you a lot for every download, but I don't trust them, I'd rather have security over high yields.

I don't like rapidshare either, although it might be the most trusted one, it seems to be always clogged.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: on second thoughts, This forum might not be the best place for this thread, Please mods if there is a better place, just move it and don't hit me too hard, my cranial bones are not sealed yet.
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