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| CheersFile.net |#1 Pay Per Download | High Paying $42 Per Download |
Author Topic: | CheersFile.net |#1 Pay Per Download | High Paying $42 Per Download |  (Read 1558 times)
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Mar 16, 2014 05:26 am

Instant Approval for EMS Users Just Post your Username below or wait 48-72 hours for approval

CheersFile is leading Pay Per Download Network that helps developers and publishers monetize their contents and link locker technology like never before. Our monetized content locker, Link locker and File uploaded generates high payouts in more than 200 countries which will help you maximize your profit
In Just Three simple steps and you can start monetizing your software and get paid for every download.

1)   Simply sign up to the platform

2)   Accept the terms and conditions of the network

3)   And upload your content to the platform.

An Account Manager is then personally assigned to you who will get verified within 72hours. Our friendly and helpful forums are there to give support along the way through the entire process. Our Smart Content Locker can be customized to your content specific need, for example preferred number offers being shown
Our payment terms are NET30 through wire transfer, Paypal , Western Union
CheersFile platform is consistently being updated and perfected with new offers to ensure publisher the highest paying best performing offers in the industry

Link Locker

Do you have valuable traffic? Use our link locker technology to enable your trafic's true value. Your traffic must first complete a survey to gain access. Lock your content and get paid each and every time someone tries to unlock your URl.

Content Locker

Do  you own valuable webpages? Use our content locker technology to lock your valuable webpages. Your traffic must first complete a survey to gain access. Then you get paid!

CheersFile Offers

There are currently over +1000 different affiliate offers available through CheersFile . Most offers are focused on quick lead generation like email and zip submits, while there are also several high paying offers such as weight loss, business and free trial offers.


With our unique custom home proprietary platform, we make your experience unforgetable. Get paid for every lead your traffic generates. With years of experience we understand your needs and wants. It's what makes our network stand out. We offer both Link and Content Lockers to generate income.


You can easily earn more money from our Referral program it is simple just refer people to sign up on CheersFile and receive 8%  commission of their total earning which they will made rest of their life.The referral code link can be accessed from the Dashboard.


Payments are sent out on a Monthly,bi-weekly, weekly and daily basis depending on the amount of volume and earnings an affiliate performs with the network. CheersFile can also pay out their affiliates in the following methods:

Western Union
Bank (domestic and INTL.)
Payoneer  (Coming Soon)
Payza      (Coming Soon)
Skrill      (Coming Soon)


Need help? Get in touch with our dedicated support team. Contact us via email or skype and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We rely on your support. Let us help! As we grow so will our features. Contact us we are just a mouse-click away!

Helping Community

CheersFile is more than website Join our Forums and learn how they made hundreds of dollars not only this you will also get our personal VIP method which help you to make more money than any PPD network so don't waste your time on different network just register now and earn like a boss

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Reply #1: Mar 23, 2014 07:32 am

We are still accpeting new users feel free if you have any question
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