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[Help]Big bug Timer Starts when ad loads issue!
Author Topic: [Help]Big bug Timer Starts when ad loads issue!  (Read 348 times)
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Jan 01, 2014 11:34 AM


I am using Sdr2 Script
Ok this bug is bugging me since Months now i have talked to many coders and couldn't find the reason causing this
When ever i add Timer Starts ad fully loads addon in my site something strange  Happens
Member Clicks Ad >Clicks Correct Number> Ad redirects to site but Users balance remains for some members I have received over 30-40 Complains past 1 year whenever i activated it Balance remains Zero why was user not credited?
When i remove the Javascript file everything woks Perfectly Fine
I have asked Aymen Sam so many coders I bought there addons Both and also another friend of mine (Coder) added it but all have same Bug replaced all Sorce/clicking files..
Nothing i am forced to remove this Timer stats when ad loads ! When even a coder tested it he faced same bug in Mozilla
The worst part is that it comes and go when i activate that addon it also caused for me before i tested it ..
I really need help with this i am now confused  straightface


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