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refban big manye
Question: http://refban.com/55434
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Oct 25, 2013 07:35 AM

If you have already purchased
advertising, you will automatically
receive Pro benefits (excluding
impressions). However, you can 'top
up' your account to add more years by
buying more advertising. We include 365 days of benefits with every
purchase. If you haven't bought yet, you can
take advantage of unlimited years of
advertiser/Pro benefits from just $15
per package! That's a massive saving,
and you can buy as many as you like! Just visit our site and click 'Buy' on the
front page, then select a package and
pay. Repeat the process for more years
of double earnings. These changes will
be introduced in November, so don't
miss out! Not displaying banners? To earn from the new system, you (or
your referrals) must display banners.
Log in now and click 'Publish >
Generate Code', select your settings,
then copy and paste the code onto
your pages. If you don't have a website or blog yet,
there are some great guidesThanks for reading. If you have any
questions or suggestions, please feel
free to‏ ‏http://refban.com/55434
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