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Rules - Last Update : 28 February 2010
Author Topic: Rules - Last Update : 28 February 2010  (Read 4633 times)
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Oct 22, 2009 04:59 pm

Please make sure to respect  the EarnMoneySpace's over all rules


Buy & Sell Rules :

  • No selling website accounts unless permitted by the site.
  • No selling anything illegal or deemed offensive by EMS staff.
  • Selling signature is not allowed.
  • A sale needs to be done on board, redirecting people to a website in order to buy is not allowed, it's considered advertising.
  • Be upfront about what you're selling, don't ask people to PM you to get the full product details.
  • You are only allowed to sell goods that can be delivered immediately ( example : Virtual products like scripts, designs... )
  • Do not hi-jack other people's threads.
  • You must follow through on any public deals.
  • Make sure that that the product you are selling is delivered 100% as described, scamming/tricking or manipulating the buyer or buyers is considered a big offense and may result in the permanent ban of your account.
  • You may only bump your thread once every 24 hours.
:: ebooks are allowed as long as they are not a book on cheating
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