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1USD/1000 [[[[reCAPTCHA]]]] SOLVER for SHARE
Author Topic: 1USD/1000 [[[[reCAPTCHA]]]] SOLVER for SHARE  (Read 596 times)
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Nov 24, 2019 09:57 am

Hello dear COMMUNITY,

so I have a capacity of 30 captchas/h for sharing with you.

I ask for 3,50 USD a Month to share 5 Captchas/h
(coming in at around 1 USD per 1000 for you)

Tell me if you could use this and how much you need.
Don't overload my server pls.

Edit: Use case is Pay To Click Sites where you need capacities continously
use it in faucet collector or change the hosts, it can be used with 2Captcha api and others
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