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Need Promoters for my site, the Snohomish Ebook Store will pay you handsomely
Author Topic: Need Promoters for my site, the Snohomish Ebook Store will pay you handsomely  (Read 646 times)
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Oct 15, 2009 01:19 pm

Hey everybody, as you probably know, I currently have 3 websites, including a website sells a variety of ebooks (the Snohomish Ebook Store).  However, I have been straining to start generating sales with it (most of the ebooks are from clickbank merchants btw), mainly due to low traffic, and so I feel that I could use some help promoting at least the storefront for the site at http://www.snohomish-ebook-store.net/storefront (which is powered by cbproads).  If any of you are interested in helping to promote it, pm me and I would be willing to split my commissions with you (starting at 30% off of what I make) for each sale you help generate for my site (which will be paid via paypal at the end of each month). 

Here is how it works:
- pm me if you are interested, and I will send you my hits connect tracking link for the website
- promote my store front (you can also promote my affiliates from linkshare, commission junction, and amazon if you want for extra commissions)
- I will send you my clickbank, linkshare, amazon, and commission junction stats each week
- At the end of the month, I will pay you your share of the commissions I make.  For example, if I make $1000 from the sales, I will give you $300 of the profits

Your help in promoting my site will be appreciated (and will help insure that I remain in the IM business indefinitely)  Wink, pm me if you want to help promote.

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