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New type of PTP! Up to $6 CPM! <-- ALL Countries!
Author Topic: New type of PTP! Up to $6 CPM! <-- ALL Countries!  (Read 679 times)
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Jul 12, 2013 08:49 am

Promote our site using your video page & get paid for each video view made by your visitors..

If you can drive visitors who like to interact on the sites you show this is definitely something you need to consider
As a visitor visits the site, they will have time to spare. They may choose to watch a video & then join once they see how easy it is. These members are now your Referrals. They will gain you many many bonuses as they are active!

From $0.003 - $0.006/Visitor Vid View = $3 - $6/1,000 Views. (Some visitors may watch more than 1 video)
Try it yourself:
Watch a Video, P.M me & i will show you your Logs Smiley
(Member Logs that log All your events!)

All members who join will receive $3 CPM visitor vid view as standard without paying a penny!
Join now & enjoy this new High Earning PTP
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