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DigitalGeneration - 1$ to 100$ daily
Author Topic: DigitalGeneration - 1$ to 100$ daily  (Read 703 times)
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Jun 28, 2013 02:18 AM

Hi fellas!

Some info:
I would like to present you this awesome website and method earning money easily by almost doing NOTHING, and I mean it!
IF I would have to say in short:
It's about running a software which uses some percent of your cpu and you just earn money.

In order to get remunerated, the only thing that the company asks of you is to run their software in your computer and you'll be remunerated accordingly. Their whole system sort of reminds me of folding@home or Bitcoin mining. Now the amount of money you'll make will vary, it depends on the number of hours that you leave the computer online, threads and referrals. That will be explained in depth down bellow.

Useful links:

Referral: https://coingeneration.com/auth/new/187056/
Non-Ref: https://coingeneration.com/auth/new/

Why should you be my referral?

I'll provide you help and support to understand how does is work.. I'll give you contact skype and email address. I'm online on skype almost all day so you can call me or write.

How to register:

Make an account here
Go to Personal, Profile then insert your country code followed by your phone number. Example: + 36 201234567
You'll receive a text message telling you to reply back only the code number provided in the same. Afterwards refresh your Profile page and you'll be able to see that your account has been validated.
Download the software here
If you received the free thread you should be aready earning money!

Additional infos:
If your software is connected 24h a day, you'll earn 1$ per thread.
You'll also earn 20% from your direct referrals.
And 10% from 2nd level referrals.

Cashout and fees:

Payza : $1.00 (Payza fee : $0.00)
Paxum : $2.00 ( Paxum fee : $1.00)
Credit Card : $50.00 ( Payment fee : $1.00)
Perfect Money : $0.10 (Perfect Money fee : $0.00)


Don't use VPS
Don't use two ThreadManagers in the same network if they're referrals.


Skype: coin.hu
Email: coinhu91@gmail.com

My 1st payment proof

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