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My Payment from Digital Generation - BEST I've ever done!
Author Topic: My Payment from Digital Generation - BEST I've ever done!  (Read 563 times)
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Jun 04, 2013 08:14 pm

Hey guys!

Today I'm gonna present a brand new idea to you!

Digital Generation, also known as Coingeneration has just released their website and program that builds upon getting people to share their computer performance with them to build a super computer. They pay you per "thread" you support them with, and a single computer with average specs (i5 CPU and ~8gb ram) can handle tens of threads at a time. Currently I'm running their program on my computer with a couple of threads, and I'm using less than 5% of my computer's CPU.
The first thread is completely free, which in this case means that you can register Here
, run the program and earn 1$ a day (30$ a month) without doing anything at all, completely auto-pilot, and at the same time use your computer as normal. You can ofcourse purchase more threads to earn a lot more, but this will cost you a few bucks. If you're sceptical about this, simply register and earn the 1$ a day, every day.

Under is an example on how the operation works:

As you can see this is a huge oppotunity for you to earn shitloads with $$$ with or without some investment.
At the moment Digital Generation pays you through;
Payza, Paxam and Perfect money. Paypal will be implemented within 15th of June.

The thread prices are listed below:

My 2nd withdrawal below:

So that's about it!
If you appriciate that I shared this, please register via my referral by clicking on any of the pictures in this thread, Here, or by clicking my referral link: https://coingeneration.com/auth/new/99307/

Any further questions can be answered here on this thread, or on their website under their 'Chat' tab.

For setup details you can visit my blog:  http://auto-pilot-earnings.blogspot.no/

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