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[WTS] Unique Terms and Conditions legal document for any kind of site
Author Topic: [WTS] Unique Terms and Conditions legal document for any kind of site  (Read 417 times)
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Oct 29, 2017 05:30 pm

Do you know a mistake which over 87% of websites are doing?....They don't have proper legal pages on their websites....You don't have to do that!
You know what, without proper legal pages, you cannot display Google Ads on your site. And also ClickBank will reject you from listing your products on their site? That's why this plugin is must for any WordPress site.

24 legal pages types i can build for your site (you need to give me your site details)

Terms of Use (Users are Forced to Agree to Terms and Conditions - Before Using Site)
Linking Policy
External Links Policy
Terms and Conditions
Refund Policy
Affiliate Disclosure
Privacy Policy
Affiliate Agreement
Facebook Privacy Policy
Earnings Disclaimer
DoubleClick DART Cookies Policy
Disclaimer Template
FTC Disclosure Statement Template
Medical Disclaimer Template
Testimonials Disclosure - As per FTC guidelines
Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Template
DMCA Policy Template
California Privacy Rights Policy Template
Digital Goods Refund Policy Template
COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Policy Template
Blog Comments Policy Template
Newsletter Subscription Policy and Disclaimer Template
FTC Disclaimer Widget

Still not satisfied? Understand why you need legal policies
As the term "legal policy" comes, you know there is some sort of legal authorities involved. These legal policies are required by some or the other legal authorities, and you have to adhere to them to work legally.

Let's understand why you need specific policies.

Why is privacy policy required?

Privacy Policy is a legal document that details company's views and procedures on the information collected from visitors. It is required by law to tell the visitors what you are going to do with the collected information. So, if you are collecting any user information like email address, name, etc. you are required to have a privacy policy on your site.

Why is Terms and Conditions policy required?

Terms and Conditions policy contains the guidelines on how to use the website content, products or services if any. This policy protects you from any misuse of your website data, and it is highly important.

Why is Refund Policy required?

If you have an eCommerce site where you sell products or any services, a refund policy is required. This policy explains the conditions of getting a refund to customers. It also helps you protect an unnecessary refund which is out of your refund policy.

Why is Affiliate Agreement policy required?

An Affiliate Agreement policy is required if you have an affiliate program at place. It is an agreement which has terms and conditions for an affiliate before he/she join your affiliate program.

Why is Amazon Affiliate Disclosure or simple Affiliate Disclosure policy required?

If you are an affiliate, you have to have affiliate disclosure policy on your site. It discloses the use of affiliate links on your site and that you will earn a commission if any sales happen. FTC requires you to have an affiliate disclosure if you have affiliate links on your site.

Why is California Privacy Rights policy required?

California Privacy Rights is a policy that is specifically drafted for the residents of California state. It empowers Californians to protect their privacy and encourages business to follow best practices to protect user information. So, if you deal with residents of California or have a business in California, then State of California Department of Justice requires you to have this policy on your site.

Why COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Policy is required?

COPPA policy is required for those websites which have to deal with children under the 13 years of age. It details out how the website operators are going to use the information collected from children below 13 years.

Why is Earnings Disclaimer Policy required?

Earnings Disclaimer Policy is mostly required to protect your claims and opinions which you have made about your product or service. People might say that you have provided examples and success stories of users, but some might not get the same results. In those cases, earning disclaimer is required.

One Legal page (ex. Terms and Conditions only) will cost you $25

Contact me for more details

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