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Hi Sir NorthOwl, I request you to Unbanned JAWADIDRES
Author Topic: Hi Sir NorthOwl, I request you to Unbanned JAWADIDRES  (Read 3836 times)
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Reply #30: Apr 24, 2013 12:19 PM

You don't know the reason so just keep quiet baby

why are you so jealous with me

Thanks for making me laugh again. baby?  rofl rofl rofl jealous? jealous as i can't spam?  rofl rofl rofl

sammaster replied you well and i can't reply in better way than him.

just mind your own business  rofl

My business is none of your business Tongue

just forget about mine spamming tell me what are you doing now
Huh? you are also doing wrong

Little Veteren Kid, You still need to learn what's called spamming. Spend your some precious spamming time in learning the terms then accuse me.

You don't have any rights to post here so baby go here i am unbanned now understood you can't banned me

May be you are right. I shouldn't talk to kids like adults. Boy have you ever read or heared of freedom of speech somewhere? Ask your school teacher if you don't know. I have all rights to post my opinion here and you can't do ANYTHING. UNDERSTOOD?

Regarding banning you... I have no rights to ban or unban someone but if i had then........... Don't worry i can't ban you Tongue

P.S. I am saying you kid not because you are 15-16. It's because of your Kiddish behaviour and mentality.
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Reply #31: Apr 24, 2013 01:59 PM

sir what kind of right do I need to post here?ems right,animal right or human right?
(garbage reply for garbage post )

 i agree with him totatally this is a public forum and everybody body can post any thing on this forum so nothing more hope jawad you got your answer

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