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Joy-Bux came back and it's still scamming!!!
Author Topic: Joy-Bux came back and it's still scamming!!!  (Read 1635 times)
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Sep 26, 2009 01:01 pm

On Sept 16, I got this email from Joy-bux:

hello  all

SITE UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP GREAT CHANGES COMING. come on back earn, referral and advertise.


On Sept 17, another email:

hello all,

SITE NOW READY COME ON BACK. i have make some great changes to make the site better for all advertiser and members. for as payouts go to this point now i will be make them. the past and over due payouts form the first owner you will have to take up with him. as i will not be paying them i think.

come on back and earn and advertise here and help referral others to the sites.

put up new specials packs and membership packs. great prices on all of them.

well that all for now.

thanks for you support and helping us grow. we will br round for long time.

Yeah, right  der


Sept 18 email from admin:

hello all,

payouts will be done a.s.a.p .  payouts will be done faster if each members buy something at the  the site. any of the advertiseing you buy at the advertiseing area of the site like membership packs, specials pack or referrals or just credits will help rasie the site income so all payouts get done faster.

the buyer also will be enter in the site contest to. to win more cash and prizes.

good luck to you all.

thanks for your support and help.

I logged in to see if my previous balance was still there. It was. I tried to cash out my $1.21 and got the pending payment message.


The next time I checked, my status said I had been paid (see attached pic) but I didn't receive anything in my PP account. When I checked the forum, a lot of members were complaining about the same thing.


On Sept. 24, admin sent another email:

hello all

about payouts. they are going pay as fast as i can pay them. the owner before had alot of site debt. so i doing my best with payouts. if you all want help i like each one of you to buy membership pack. that will gave site money and make payouts alot faster of getting payed. thing getting pay angian will help the site out all. in turst and all.

like to get the site were it getting alot sale every day and more sales means payout wiil be on time. no waying

thanks for your support and helping us grow.

More empty promises


Now, the greedy Joy-bux admin followed that with this email early today:

hello all

there been change in payouts. you must upgraded to get payout. this will help us in payouts and to help us get payout up to date payed and help get site debt pay.  will be like this instill site get better.

thanks for you under standing

few more left in the contest. alot of cash and prizes to be won.


And just an hour ago, I got a new email from Joy-bux:

hello all

payouts done. thank you all that buy upgrade. that help out alot and will help with make payout faster and on time. it help get the site payout debt payed. i will be make daily payouts if requested.

Huh? It took a mere 14 hours for lots of members to "upgrade" such that admin was able to do ALL payouts in less that 24 hours???

Fishy, fishy, fishy!


* joybux scam.JPG (45.6 KB, 640x334 - viewed 414 times.)

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