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Wills Ads - $350 Referral Contest!
Author Topic: Wills Ads - $350 Referral Contest!  (Read 621 times)

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Dec 26, 2012 01:42 PM

Hey everyone,

Just Started:
December 26th, 2012 Thru February 2013


1.)  $200

2.)  $100

3.)  $50

4 thru 10 get a free PTC Campaign for 1 year.

Prize money will be doubled every 30 advertisers who deposit minimum of $20 into their accounts. Doubling the prize money is based on the above amount.

Qualifications: Contest is open to all members of Wills Ads. Every member that you sponsor into  the site earns you a certain amount of credits. Based on your sponsored members country will depend you the credits you earn. Also, every advertiser you bring that deposits $20 min, earns you 15 credits.

Referred Members Country and how many credits you earn:

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia --> 5 credits
Spain --> 2 credits
Other Countries --> 1 credits

Every Advertiser you refer and funds (min $10.00) their account, you are given 5 Points!

Every Advertiser you refer and funds (min $20.00) their account, you are given 10 Points!

Plus, I have lowered Minium Payout threshold to the following levels:

Free Members - $4.00
PreLaunch Members - $2.00
Premium Members - $1.00

Check out http://www.willsads.com


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