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Aurora GPT Help! - Contest & Script
Author Topic: Aurora GPT Help! - Contest & Script  (Read 595 times)
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Dec 03, 2012 09:18 am

Hello, i am looking for a small piece of help..

I want to find the file that instructs a Purchase Contest ticket to be written to the users account via the database.
For example: When a user Makes a purchase they get Purchase Contest Entrys (Amount dependant on admin settings) I need to find the file that controls the entrys being written to the users data. (Not /admin/settings/contest.php)

Also i am trying to find out if the Purchase contest can be won on amount of purchases Not with a random ticket draw.. (like Click Contest & Referral Contest)

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated Smiley


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If you are facing any error/bug in your script,or want new addon pm me.
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