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Need Advice on How Much to give per Offer
Author Topic: Need Advice on How Much to give per Offer  (Read 364 times)
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Nov 04, 2012 11:43 pm

Okay I'm almost done with my raffle website, Going to fix the logo and advertise.  But I need help with the Prizes and such. Here is what I have it set up to right now

3 Offers $1.00
4 Offers - $1.50
10 Offers - $5
35 Offers - $20

Now granted 1 person doesn't have to do all offers to win they could even do 1 and still win, I'm just wondering if the number of offers is good for the prize. Or are they to high? Also what other prizes should I offer? I can't do PayPal/eBay becuase that would be breaking my agreement with the Ad networks. Thanks in advance  ems

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