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TigerGPT.com - Hundreds of Offers, Low Cashout
Author Topic: TigerGPT.com - Hundreds of Offers, Low Cashout  (Read 438 times)
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Jun 22, 2012 08:07 pm

   As Admin of TigerGPT.com I am glad to announce to the world of our recent launch. We offer a low cashout, minimum of $2. Our users can withdraw using many different payment vendors. We allow PayPal, Amazon.com and Ebay.  Lots of great publishers are on our site, so we can offer a wide range of offers for you. However, with all these offers, advertisers want to stand out in the crowd, so many of our partners have raised their price to attract more members.  We are currenting offering a high paying offer contest, and in the near future will have a referral contest!! Our staff of admins and moderators are around the world, so the time where someone is not online to answer your questions are very minimal.   We hope you enjoy your stay on TigerGPT, and as always God Bless !

Signup: http://www.tigergpt.com

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