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Got referrals for my PTC sites with PTCSociety
Author Topic: Got referrals for my PTC sites with PTCSociety  (Read 582 times)
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May 16, 2012 05:53 PM

Hey there,

I would like to share my success with a site called PTCSociety. This time it isn't about money. It's about something almost as valuable in the long run. Getting referrals.

PTCSociety just got into prelaunch 3 days ago and I already got 5 referrals through this site, 2 for Hits4Pay, two for my Superpoints team, and 1 for Rewarding Ways. Her is the Rewarding Ways proof.

At PTCSociety you have the option to post your referral links at reviews you write about your favorite sites, at post about payment proof, and of course at your profile page. If you are very active, you can also redeem points to own a listing of a PTC site with your referral link on top. That's what I do for Hits4Pay and Superpoints.



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