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Very high paying and fast crediting international gpt site freedailydollars.com
Author Topic: Very high paying and fast crediting international gpt site freedailydollars.com  (Read 1106 times)
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Jun 10, 2012 11:56 pm

Ok ppl it is just getting bigger and better the first offer contest ended with a lot of fanfare and the winners were happy too

but the second offer contest is up again with 120$ up for grabs in just 2 weeks .members r just loving this site and it is becoming a rage

amongst people who wanna earn some money alongwith having fun ,just look at some of the great reviews of this site

FreeDailyDollars is one of the best GPT sites out there as of 2012. Opening just a few months ago,
the site has expanded, paying nearly $3,000 dollars to it's members. It has one of the highest offer rates
 I have seen compared to any other site, with great referral rates. There is a wide variety of offers, as well as seven offer walls, including SuperRewards, BLVD Wall, Matomy, and SponsorPay.
The admin is frequently online, as well as moderators, who are extremely friendly and helpful.
Payments are done by Paypal, Check, or Serve. I'm absolutely amazed at how fast I was paid.
When I first cashed out, I received my first non-instant Paypal in a matter of minutes!
There is also instant Paypal, after you cash out manually for the first three times (though, all those times, my payments came seemingly instantly).
 I'm glad I stumbled upon this site!


i think free daily $ is the best GPT site because it's easy to use, easy to get offers done, always it's user friendly. I would recommand this site to everyone i know.
free daily $ is the best to make extra money and has a friendly community.

User -Moneyhunter

If you are looking for a Get paid too site, look no further. Free Daily dollars has Excellent support,
high paying offers & survey's,7 offer walls and new offers are added daily so you can have a chance too make more money. If the offer doesn't credit,the admin is willing too help.
 What else can you ask you? This site has it all.

user Kpblackbird

FreeDailyDollars pays you to participate in surveys and complete free offers. FreeDailyDollars is ran by a fantastic owner. This get paid to program has great payouts and and a friendly online environment. Admin is online alot to give you help and answer questions, and responds to inbox messages and trouble tickets quickly. There is alot of offers for all users and also 7 offer walls.

FreeDailyDollars has a low $2 payout for members. FreeDailyDollars has a lot of payout options paypal, serve, and check. Also you can redeem points for amazon ecards. You must request a manual cash-out 3 times and after that it is instant for paypal users.

FreeDailyDollars also has offer and referral contests.

User -Just a nut

I have been on may gpt sites and find FreeDailyDollars to be the best by far. Great owner that is consent contact with the members of the site with help and support.

Payouts are quick and prompt, and there is much money made with some time and effort. This is a great site and the only one that I use now.

Thanks FreeDailyDollars!!

 user  Bonskibon

Apart from that lets have a look at the stats after 2.5 months of opening up

   Total Members-1161
   No of Offers-800 with a lot of offers for international members too.

   Cash paid -$3261
   Points paid 4200

   Earn cash or gift cards

   7 Offer Walls

   Prompt payments and high support from admin


   10% Referral Earnings

-  $2 Minimum Payment via PayPal

-  Amazon US Gift Cards available

- Advertise via Banner, PTC and PTSU

So have a blast earning on this wonderful international GPT site

Join today at www.FreeDailyDollars.com



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