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neobux 6th month celebration
Author Topic: neobux 6th month celebration  (Read 1085 times)
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Sep 24, 2008 09:07 PM

for all you b.s. ptc/aurora etc sites

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Some of you remember...
NeoBux was launched on March 24th in a pre-registration phase.
So, to me, NeoBux celebrates today the 6th month of existence.

This time I would like to talk about the concept of NeoBux.

NeoBux was developed basically as a proof-of-concept.
It was made to show the PTC world how wrong the previous concept was and where that would lead.
Of course, this wasn't easy.
The first weeks were weeks of pressure from other PTCs.
We were tagged as dead from the start.
Obviously I thought that those tags coming from sites that failed to pay their users, was certainly their only way to get NeoBux of their way.
And I was right.
While this wasn't (and still isn't) a competition, we became their biggest threat.
It's not easy for PTCs that were delaying payments to have another one throw "Instant Payments" to their faces and uncover their plot.

But, instant payments was just the beginning of our transparency and of their headaches.
Obviously instant payments was just one of the things that had to be done to stop the greed that lead to delays.
But, we went one step further... we offered 10% commissions on direct referral's purchases.
"Crazy" they labeled us... "Instant Payments and they're giving money away?"... from "dead from the start" we were given another month of life.

Then, we went to do another "crazy" thing... referral renting.
Now we were really crazy (besides the "dead and buried part)!
Why would we give users lots of referrals with a low cost of acquisition? Because we care about users.
And one thing they never could accept was that we actually had real referrals to offer. Now, that was a stab in the heart of the PTC industry. And today, I still see that many users are so addicted to those "virtual referrals" that forgot everything about the real ones.

Oh... we gave out referral's statistics.
Everything others tried so hard to hide so that you wouldn't be able see what you were not supposed to see, we've shown it to our users.
If we're serious, why should we hide that from you? Should I tell you that the ones that called us crazy didn't like that? They didn't.

Then, we went to PayPal.
Those who got PayPal to shut their doors to PTCs were calling us "crazy" again. And we loved it!
Time after time I've learned that being crazy is was actually a good thing.

So, this is how NeoBux started... as a "walking-dead crazy" PTC on the eyes of Admins of sites that give out every kind of excuse to keep their user's money.
But, I know they we're kidding and they felt exactly the opposite.

What have we achieved from this?
Exactly what we wanted.
We've innovated and we've changed mentalities.
We've uncovered sites that don't pay because they ran out of excuses (while some still try).
Now, every excuse they give is a big "whatever".

We've established a new era on PTCs that separate the old non-profitable model from the new one.

6 months after, I can see some new PTCs trying to follow the same path, slowly emerging and giving their tiny baby-steps.
Sad to have taken so long but I'm happy that some have finally opened their eyes and leave the pre-historical model behind.

So, we're not dead (sorry to all that lost their bets).
We're here now no longer as a proof-of-concept but as a tiny example of what we'll become.
Now that finally we've taught the lesson of how a PTC can be ran without greed (there goes another "crazy"), it's time to move along to the new NeoBux.
Many surprises to come.

Let's just say that we'll be more "crazy" than ever!
I can think of about 10 individuals that will be very upset with our future but millions of others will be happy and that's what makes me happy.

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