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BuxP August Newsletter
Author Topic: BuxP August Newsletter  (Read 1024 times)
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Aug 10, 2009 02:23 am

Hello Folks! After a small summer break, the BuxP team is back at work ready to serve you! Happy Reading!

***Referral Replacement BETA***
YES! One step closer to what you are all been waiting for. The referral replacement script BETA is now online. For more info about the features, check out the announcements section on our forum.

***New Advertising Features***
We have launched a couple new features for advertisers in the last week.
From now on advertisers will be able to set the "ad refresh" option themselves. They can set their advertisement to reset every 24 hours (standard), 48h, 72h or never. The last option means every user will only be able to click the ad once lifetime!
Another new option for advertisers is the possibility to set the maximum amount of traffic they wish to receive per day. More options & statistics in the adpanel are coming soon.

***BuxP Summer Promotion***
Enjoy our Summer Advertising Promotion: 2500 Member Visits (30 Seconds) + 1 Week Banner in Header for only $15 instead of $24. http://buxp.info/summer.php

***Small News***
-Instead of granting every 5th/10th/... person that completes a survey @ http://buxp.info/freereferral.php 1 referral, we will now grant every 3th/6th/9th... user that completes a survey with 1 free referral!
-You can read the results of our small survey we had in July on our blog @ http://allbuxp.com/
-We will launch a new feature soon: Auction page, where the highest bidder can win special items on BuxP.
-New contest on the forum: One person that posts his payment proof between 10th-24th August will receive 5 Free Referrals.

We are pleased to give you some splendid deals & interesting sites to take a look at!

-For August, we are offering BuxP members our Basic package for only $4.95/mo for the first year. This is a savings from our regular price of $7.95/mo. : http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-3489049-10686098?cm_mmc=CJ-_-2713351-_-3489049-_-$4.95%20for%201%20year%20of%20hosting!
-Our Soft/Hardware partner SuperBiiz offers $30 off orders $300+ with coupon code "CUPCAKE30", specially for BuxP: http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-3489049-10695537
-Search, Listen Online, Download your favorite song for FREE! --> http://www.tune5.com


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