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GlobeClix.com (In 10 day prelaunch!)
Author Topic: GlobeClix.com (In 10 day prelaunch!)  (Read 766 times)
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Aug 08, 2009 07:56 pm

welcome to http://www.globeclix.com

im still finishing up final touches on the site so join are promote for now!

Member Benefits

    * Paid to Click, Read and Sign Up
    * $1.50 Minimum Payout Standard/ 1.00 Payout to Premium!
    * Up to $0.005 per click
    * $0.10 per offer completed
    * Up to 90% referral commissions!
    * Fast Payment via Paypal, Alertpay coming soon!

Advertising Benefits

    * Competitive Ad Pricing, and a growing member base
    * Featured ads availible
    * Automated transactions (after the first purchase)
    * Manage Ads section for all your adjusting needs!
    * Each user only gets your ads every 24 hours!
    * Banner or text ads available
    * Accepting Paypal and AlertPay

PHP/MYSQL developer. Current works in progress Smiley .
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