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[GPT] Offer Crediting Guide [GPT]
Author Topic: [GPT] Offer Crediting Guide [GPT]  (Read 969 times)
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Jan 16, 2012 09:32 AM

Hi, mamu here. 8)I am the owner of GPT site-www.hotlinemoneys.com
This is actually not my original post,I modified it to my own one.

some user of mine always ask me why their offer do not get credited,this is what I want to tell them below boogie

FYI dance2

Many of you have been wondering why your offers on those GPT sites (For example,my GPT site-www.hotlinemoneys.com)have not been crediting. There could be several reasons why such as:

-Pixels not firing
-Cookies not being placed
-Cookies not being cleared
-Your completing your offer to quickly
-Your not keeping track of your offers

And many more. But today we're just going to focus on those top 5 reasons.
Before we begin, I want you to download and install a couple of tools necessary for this guide to be successful.

Tool #1: Mozilla FireFox
The FireFox browser is a open-source project created by the company Mozilla for better internet browsing security, speed, and compatibility. Today we're going to use this browser because it is one of the best cookie handling browsers, it's Add-ons, and many other features.

To download and install the FireFox browser click this link: http://www.firefox.com

Then download and install your version of the FireFox browser based on your operating system, e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac, Linux.

After your done downloading and installing the FireFox Browser, go on to Tool #2.

Tool #2: Cookie Culler

Cookie Culler is an add-on for the FireFox that will help you keep track of your cookies. It will help you protect various cookies and delete the ones you don't need. To download this add-on you must first have downloaded and installed Tool #1. First click this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir.../cookieculler/ which will redirect you to the add-ons portion of Mozilla's site. Next click the green "+' button saying "Add to Firefox". When you click it a popup will appear saying a timer and then you can install it. After installing this add-on you will have to reboot your browser.

If you need support just drop me a PM or post here on the thread. I'll post other various guides if you'd like me to

mamu Wink

>>Best GPT program-hotlinemoneys.com<<
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