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Looking for people to help promote my website, the Snohomish Ebook Store
Author Topic: Looking for people to help promote my website, the Snohomish Ebook Store  (Read 865 times)
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Aug 06, 2009 03:33 pm

Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this thread, so I will create this here.

Here's the thing: currently I am the webmaster of the Snohomish Ebook Store, which is an affiliate website that sells a variety of ebooks on behalf of various merchants at clickbank (along with various affiliates via Linkshare, Clickbooth and Commission Junction, many of which you can find at my affiliate directory pages), but I have been straining to start generating sales.  I would use paid advertising, but I am on a budget right now, and so I can't use that at this time.  However, I am currently looking to hire at least 3 people with web marketing experience looking to make extra cash that would be willing to help me to promote my website.  I don't care how you promote (whether it is offline promotions, paid advertising, or whatever) as long as you don't piss anyone off doing so (i.e., spamming people, scams, etc), and I am a member at hits connect and did get a tracking link for my site that shows where traffic is coming from.  So here is the deal (the website url is in my signature file by the way):

1. PM me (or reply to this thread) if you want to promote my site and I can give you my hits connect tracking link (will need to know your website information so I know where the hits are coming from.
2. Help promote my website, and each time you help generate sales for me, I will give you a 30% cut off of the commissions I make from those sales (which will vary by advertiser and what people buy of course).  Of course, I might be willing to increase those wages up to 50% for high performing promoters.
3. At the end of the month, I will pay you the difference via Alert pay (since my paypal account is down after I got scammed a few months back).  So if I make say $1000 in a given month, I would give you $300 of it for your efforts.
4. Each week I will give you my stats from my advertisers so you know how much sales I've generated for that week.
With your help, it will ensure that I can continue with my online marketing efforts indefinitely (especially for the sake of my continued involvement with the PTC sites).  Any help is appreciated, thanks.  Ryan Jones

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Reply #1: Aug 06, 2009 06:20 pm

I can help you.

The first step is for you to join fjPTC for free. By looking at other member advertisements you can earn points and cash that you can convert to advertising credits. If you look at the program closely you will realize that some members have paid $2.00 and were able to get this fee cost back very quickly. That allows them to click on many more advertisements and that helps them with their own advertising needs. Plus their membership has a retained value that goes up and they will have an opportunity to trade or cash their membership in the future.

Second, I am willing to give you some advertising credits if you put a banner to my site on your site.

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