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A suggestion for EMS.
Author Topic: A suggestion for EMS.  (Read 1510 times)
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Dec 12, 2011 06:35 AM

I just logged in and since last night there was 10 pages of.. Sorry to say this.. But useless crap i dont have any interrest in reading about to be honest  Smiley

So a feature where you can click outside each topic and then mark those you clicked as read so that they would be removed would be wonderfull. I just quickly clanced at page 1 and went on to page 2 and then gave up really..

I dont wish to click all as read because there might just be something interresting somewhere on those 10 pages but like i said i gave up this time.. Just got tired of seeing topics like "get $0.1 to your PP" and "Watch my page on FB/youtube"

And in this suggestionbox there was 32 pages i also didnt look into.. I know my question might have been answered but i just cba to look through 32 pages.

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