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Just some requests
Author Topic: Just some requests  (Read 1725 times)
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DON'T pm me until we have a deal.

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Dec 06, 2011 07:06 PM

This site never stop those annoyers who change their id and keep annoying others. Don't know why this site won't stop them. Maybe to see how many members registered ?  der

This site should add an option to lock or open PM. So that they only receive pm from friends, not from some [ removed, watch your language please ].

Well, let me share something, why i'm anger..

Surprise Surprise

I Got you banded @ inputbux..And trust me more bans are on its Way..

Now.. You have some thing that dose not belong to you and belongs to me..and is very important to me..

In Our world.. people like you are called stealer.. Thief's And i am Just the Law Punishing you for it..

You still have a chance.. You mail me the time you can come online on Slark70@yahoo.in

You can ignore me all You want.. And you will Die slowly..

You can also report me to Admin and i will be banded.. and then i will Get you banded on All ptc site AT once..

Now i go by 24/ 1 site Ban..


You can simply give me what mine.. and i will never ever come in your way..

This is not a threat or blackmail .. This is called fighting for My rights..

I wont leave you alone untill You dont return me whats mine..

I need to send me mail @ that email the time you can come online so we can chat face to face and you can give me whats Mine.

I believe it's that old [ removed, watch your language please ] who got banned earlier to offer ref exchange deal by email. After get banned, made a hell drama id and still threatening. huh
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