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medishakers SCAM
Author Topic: medishakers SCAM  (Read 1048 times)
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Dec 13, 2011 09:59 am

Stay away from medishakers SCAM


Eyal Barad, who came to the conclusion that he can act as a dictator in his own little world.
Everything was going well, the ads were online , I haven't received any sort of complaints from anyone up untill the 6-th of november, "coincidently" a payment date at Mediashakers. All of a sudden the man I mentioned decided that
for the last 66 days I commited some fraud , therefore put my account as inactive and confiscated 4400$ that he owed me for that period. All this without any sort of email or explanation.

Not being able to receive any response to my emails I got a very foggy response through some friends from a publisher organization called Casipa . All they could get out of this fellow is that the comapny probably closed my account for cause of fraud.
You don't just go around confiscating 4400$ with arguments like "probable fraud". You need to give solid arguments and proof. I have between 50k-100k unique visitors per day so I'm not some shmuck owing a blog in his mommy's basement. In other words 4.4k in over 2 months at my traffic is not a stretch at all.
I think it's more than obvious that the individual decided to palm my earnings in his own pockets because those funds don't just vanish into thin air and they sure as hell don't return to the advertiser after more then two months .

I opened this thread as a warning to all of you that are currently working or thinking of working in the future with Mediashakers. You risk of losing your earnings at any moment depending on which side of the bed this Eyal Barad wakes up on the morning of the payment.
I will write about them on every forum I can find and I will make an official complaint to yahoo as companies such as Mediashakers bring a lot of damage to the image of Yahoo's ad network system.

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Reply #1: Dec 13, 2011 10:01 am

wrong selection

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Reply #2: Dec 13, 2011 10:02 am


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