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Giving negative feedback without any reason
Author Topic: Giving negative feedback without any reason  (Read 1226 times)
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Nov 26, 2011 05:39 AM

Today I got a negative feedback from a member. His username is mac & here is his profile.

I really don't know what was the reason behind this. He gave negative feedback without any reason, never had or have any deals with him.  no idea
Few days back, I received few spam messages from him & he was asking me to buy bot referrals. I got several pms from him but I denied. I replied him to stop sending spam mails & reported to mods. He got ban for 3 days.
I am a member here for more than one & half years & never had or have any problems with others. No one can say that I cheat him/her, I always try to communicate with other members. And this member gave me -ve feedback that I am a "mad man"  frusty

Here is my posts in his threads. I warned him to read the board rules before posting.
This is the thread where he was trying to sell bot referrals, which is illegal.

@ NorthOwl,
Kindly check this issue & please remove this -ve feedback.  pray
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