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uu9.eu : Pay Per Visit!
Author Topic: uu9.eu : Pay Per Visit!  (Read 1091 times)
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Jul 20, 2009 04:19 AM

Here's an easy way of making money for your Paypal account when your computer is idle doing nothing.

Try it out and see if it works for you.

This site pays for anyone to view the ads that you place on your own site. There are no rules about you not being able to view your own ads. I have a steady stream of income from this, it's not massive but it is income for doing nothing once it's set up. They have also paid out so they are pretty much legit.

- First make an account on blogger.com and create a blog.

- Then open an account with the ad site us http://uu9.eu/  If you love me Ref me in as VxBlitzxN. Thanks.

- Copy and paste a banner or two into your blog
using the layout tab to add the /html gadget.

- Use firefox and download an add-on called 'ReloadEvery'.

- Log out of your blogger account when you've got your page set up.

- Open up multiple tabs in Firefox and go to the address of the page you set up in each.

- Use ReloadEvery to refresh each tab every 5 seconds.

- Log in to your advertising account and watch your account go up.

Leaving an old laptop running all the time doing this means free money from an otherwise unused computer.

It also works best to turn off 'load images automatically' in Firefox content options to reduce refresh loading times.

Also. Yes this s**t works on the same IP.
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