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I'm Sad, found a bug.. lol.. in N3G Auroragpt in admin...
Author Topic: I'm Sad, found a bug.. lol.. in N3G Auroragpt in admin...  (Read 908 times)
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Oct 02, 2011 05:21 pm

In admin area, click members manager click a user, click payments button, twala, shows no payments LOL...

maybe im missing something but i was multi tasking. I was getting ready to enhance this feature, with a new checkbox that any payment that is paid out, if member shows payment proof, and the admin acknowledges that particular payment, they can go through their payment proofs and check that particular payment proof to that member to acknowledge that this member shows proof of payment recieved. I'm seeing a few admins wanting members to show payment proof in order to get paid a second time ect..

Adding this feature would be nifty!

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