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Important!! Please read and support
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Author Topic: Important!! Please read and support  (Read 1722 times)
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Sep 12, 2008 10:56 AM

Why this site use exact time to refresh advertisement?
Why some of this site use the time you click your ads as a reference time to reopen the advertisement for clicking 24hr later?
This make my clicking always delay due to the lag or missing the time the ads is reopen.

i just joined this site and start clicking this ads at 9pm today, then finish it around 9.15pm. As you know we cant click the ads all at once so by clicking one by one, ads will be finish at 9:01pm, ads 2 at 9:02pm and so on and so forth.

The next day my first ads for this site will only open at 9:01pm and 2nd ads at 9:02 and so on and so forth. This will be worse when some time the site connection is bad and this will cause the time to drag longer. So after some day the timing will drag until my sleeping time and i have to skip to click the site on the next day so that i can make the ads reopen at 9pm again.

My point here is can they make the ads reopen time reference to the real world 24 hour interval like 12am of the server local time and not when we finish clicking then they use that as reference to start the countdown. or reference it the hour and not the minutes.
i click at 9pm and finish at 9.15pm, then reference it only to the hour and ignore the minutes. so the ads will reopen the next day 9pm and not 9.01pm or 9.15pm.

Please reply and state your reason. thx
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