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【New】Affiliate50Bux is taken in charge by forover56
Author Topic: 【New】Affiliate50Bux is taken in charge by forover56  (Read 1130 times)
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Aug 12, 2011 05:33 AM

Hi ems
It should be a very challenging thing for me to announce the news here, after I saw what Mr. BlackLight told about Affiliate50bux in EMS.

And I have to face it and bring Affiliate50bux here.  About one month ago I found Affiliate50bux was being sold at digitalpoint forum and interested with the deal. The Previous admin(may be fawad) let me try to manage affiliate50bux for some days and decided to buy it or not.

In the first, I delied this deal after I managed affiliate50bux a few days and found the terrible financial problem was unable to solve, then he reset the site and  I finally accept a really cheap offer he gave to me.

Now I am giving free 2500  premium membership as a compensation  for members to join again and free 1000 ptc credits for GPT site owners to advertise your sites.

Kindly Regards
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Reply #1: Aug 14, 2011 05:25 PM

I was a member of (old) Affilate50bux and have some in my account balance.
But i doubt to investing there, so i stop clicking since early august.

May i ask you :
1. Why you buy the site and resetting all as a new site, you have an option to develop a definitely new site,
2. Is the new site investment site also ?
3. May i get my old balance ? at least in Purchase Balance so i cannot cashout, but i can use for advertise or referrals.

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hypnotized much?

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Reply #2: Aug 14, 2011 05:31 PM

Just registered as caetanomiguelp Smiley

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