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ClubbigBonus - clubbigbonus.com
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Jul 16, 2011 06:15 AM

Im not admin
How to join the business in brief.
1.Qualification of applicants.
2.Age above 18 years old.
3.Have an Alert Pay account for applying and receiving bonus.
4.Registration to buy the products from Partners of clubbigbonus.(optional)
5.Carefully read all agreements and conditions before joining business and accept all agreements and conditions.
6.Filling the application truthfully.
7.Receiving password form your email for log in to the management system of clubbigbonus.
8.Receiving the method to promote business from your upline.
9.Start to get income.

Marketing Plan BigBonus Binary
we understand the nature of business which is necessary to have driven factor in short term basis or cash flow factor. So

Although you feel comfortable with our payment plan, we would like to recommend you to study the BigBonus Binary marketing plan in detail before making decision. If you have an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact your sponsor or the upline of clubbigbonus.

Plan 1. $17 Dual team compensation Plan.
BigBonus Binary apply bonus payment method by referring to Binary Structure. Therefore, you have to understand the Binary Structure in advance. The Binary Structure is “members will be allocated to 2 teams called Left team and Right team”.
System will sort the various binary structure based on the time of application to join the business and begin establishing a structure line in 24.00 PM of time's Server.

in case your level already own Left team and Right team, system will automatically allocate new member to be a team member of your Left team or Right team. So, you don’t lose any benefit and in the same time, if the same situation happens in the upper line of yours, you will have more members in your team also. Finally, more possibility to earn more income.

How to set up Binary Structure?

Binary Structure will be allocated by new comer and new member
Structure derive from following situation

1.Introduce by himself, after that system will allocate it to any alternatives which prior set up the value.

The values consist of 
- Left Team
means system arrange new member to be member of left team
 - Right Team
means system arrange new member to be member of Right team
 - Alternate
Team means system arrange new member to be member of left team or right team. 
Starting value will be join alternate team, you can change it by click on menu

“Pre-Enroll -> SetingAllocator”
With the power of the Pre-Enrollee Allocator, you can MAXIMIZE the compensation plan and build big FAST!

2.Exceeding members from upper line of yours. You can’t select them to be new member of your teams.

3.Somebody transfer pre-enrollee to you by use menu

" Pre-Enrollee -> Personally Pre-Enroll -> Auto set refer"
With the power of the Auto set refer, you can MAXIMIZE the compensation plan and build big FAST!
From now on, start to learn about Dual Team Compensation Plan.

Dual Team Compensation Plan

The ideas are one dual team consist of 1 persons from Left team and 1 person from Right Team 
From below picture. The system pays $34 for tow dual(red and yellow) and the person who join with any dual team can’t repeat counting again.

The maximum Dual team compensation Plan
The maximum Dual team compensation Plan payment per one day as 4 dual on first month and the next month the maximum will be 1 dual perday, if system can auto subscript $17 the maximum dual become 4 dual.
If the Number of dual team per one day doesn’t exceed the maximum number of dual team of position, the system will automatically accumulate it by not deduction.

In case count dual team as same as maximum limit of position, the exceed dual team will be deleted and will start to newly matching again after 24:00 p.m of server timing on that day.

Plan 2. 10 Generation Matching Bonus.
The system automatic Subscript $17.00 per month for start Plan 2,So You will received $1.7 from your team in a binary structure. paid  10 deep layer (10 Generation) to receive the benefits depends on your current location, the system will have roll up across who are not entitled by automatic.

Bonus payment and the method to receive bonus
The timing used in the system refer to the timing of main server. All kind of bonus will be real time terminated as soon as Alert Pay system completely process the benefit that you received will be presented in the clubbigbonus immediately.

All benefit payment will credit to Alert Pay account only with minimum benefit more than $5. The system will transfer from clubbigbonus Point Account to your Alert Pay Account when you use Withdraw command.

Abolish and leave from business

1.Pre-Enroll(Non Active) can quit from business if you need by click to menu “Profile -> Close Account”

2.Enroll(Active) didn't login longer than 3 months will be to system clear the left team and right teams are to 0 people. 

3.System will automatically delete the member who is not log into the system at 12 months by count from the last date that you log in to the system
As soon as you leave from business, the system will not transfer the compensation or accrued income to any account. Please be reminded to resign after Bonus payment date (if you still have any benefit from us).

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