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░▒▓█Great offer:> free Pioneer m'ship on sign; 2c per click █▓▒░
Author Topic: ░▒▓█Great offer:> free Pioneer m'ship on sign; 2c per click █▓▒░  (Read 252 times)
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Jun 17, 2011 02:51 pm

Hello friends,
Last week i signed up on Coldbux.com (a very good ptc site yet) thumbs up
well, you may doubtful whether site is real(i.e. legit) and paying or not. or just a scam. As far as i have dealt with it, coldbux is legit and real paying PTC sites since last couple of year. If you are quite serious about site details check here for details on Alexa.com.

Ok get back to point, i was telling you that, this site is offering free membership that let's you make 2c per click and daily 8 adds available to click. As for your concern i post following image to make you realize that it really works.

Additional details are as follows;
Coldbux.com:. (since years)
2cents per click
paypal/alertpay payment processors
8 adds(sometimes more) per day
visit site for more details here.

To register and get started on Coldbux please use this link, as it makes you my referral. Thank you to share you time.
Have a good day

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