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May 28, 2011 02:59 am


Hello fun seekers!

It’s indeed a great feeling to have you on the reviewed money platform. I have some common feelings to share with you guys. How does it feel to see more than twenty “like it” signs or twenty plus rating on your comment? Sure feels great isn’t it? This joy doubles when this comment by us is on our favorite very best game that we finished last week. We all like to comment and we all like to read others’ comments and show our views on the comments. WHAT IF you get paid for what you feel!!!  WHAT IF a small review can earn you some cash!!!  It does Sound amazing isn’t it?  Then let’s do it!! All you have to do is play any game on the website and post a small review on the earn section. Then other viewers would respond to it by liking or disliking it. Our website staff would also check it and then if you write well enough to get praise from our viewers as well the staff, Money awaits for you!!! A small cash prize for you would be waiting. So, who is goanna write it first?? BUT before any competition, it’s always good to specify some ground rules. So, in order to maintain harmony and objectivity in the competition, a reviewer should abide by the following rules:

•   Reviewer must mention Name and the Game Title being reviewed.
•   Minimum word limit is 20 words.
•   The review would appear directly below the game itself.
•   There should be no spam material or advertising material pasted in the review box.
•   The review should be original i.e. no copy pasted material
•   A reviewer cannot review multiple game( this done in order to maintain quality)
•   It would be an added advantage if a reviewer shows us how she/he feels about the game.
•   The cash prize would be subject to the review quality (So, gear it up Guys!!!!!!!!)
•   Payments will be made to the email used for the comment box. So, MUST enter a frequently used valid email for PayPal notification purposes.
•   The prize would be paid via PayPal

Everyone will get paid in the pre launch period. You should enter the earn tab to start commenting and you'll be paid directly to your PP.
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