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1st payment
Author Topic: 1st payment  (Read 476 times)
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May 25, 2011 03:16 am

Transaction details
Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 81E1596.....................)
Sent by:       m khan    (The sender of this payment is Non-U.S. - Verified)
Payment sent from: cashindia1@yahoo.com
Payment sent to:     oituz...................
Amount received:    $1.00 USD
Fee amount:       $0.00 USD
Net amount:       $1.00 USD
Issue a refund Help
You have up to 60 days to refund the payment.
Date:       May 25, 2011
Time:       00:57:04 PDT
Status:       Completed
Subject:       Payment Cashons Networks
Note:    please support us and post payment proof on our forum, ems http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?board=3.0 or on talkptc.com http://www.talkptc.com/index.php?board=9.0
Payment type: Instant
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