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Testing Clix-cents, will buy ur premium membership
Author Topic: Testing Clix-cents, will buy ur premium membership  (Read 475 times)
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Apr 04, 2011 04:23 am

Hello, so this is my fourth PTC-community forum that i join and i went down straight to business...
here's  my offer:

if u happened to have received a payment and u dont know what to do, i would suggest u invest it, where? join my clixcents page here:


on clixcents u buy premium with 2.5 a month, get 40 ads at 0.04 per ad, so ur making alone 1.6 usd a day. cashout is a little high but not impossible.
Clixcents, yes, its a buxhost site, but its one of the oldest, without complaints, with video testimonials, and a good system, so u should try it out, no one of my refs have ever complain about the site and actually they are very happy on it. I will also suggest to take ur time and read how the system works, cuz thats it how it manage to go on for several months now.
And now to my offer. Join under my ref link and buy premium for 2.50. As soon as i get my first payment (ill post payment proof also), that it about 150 usd (im currently at 70, so it shouldnt take less than a month) i will pay you back all the money u invested, so its an earn-earn situation, ull make good cash and havent got to invest a thing

Hey, look out this site? like it? join!

come.... join... earn... have fun....
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