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Looking for a good developer
Author Topic: Looking for a good developer  (Read 769 times)
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Mar 23, 2011 03:52 AM

Hi friends, i've an incomplete website. It's about link exchange.

A friend of mine wanted to make a website for me, but when it was 75% finished, he got die. I've paid him for the site, but as he is no more, my site isn't finished yet. Now i'm looking for a good developer, if he/she can complete my site.

Can you do that ?

Explain: This site works like, who needs more clicks on their link, they will join this site. Put their link in their account. Then some people will click on their link, and they will click on others link.

Once you click on my link : I lose 1 point from my account
Once i click on your link : You lose 1 point from your account
Me or you don't have points in account, then we will lose points and -1 will be added to our account.

It works like this. For more details i can show you some other completed / running sites for better idea. But let me know, if you can do this for me and also let me know, how much i've to pay you for this.

Post here, if you are interested to work on it. If you think, you can complete this website let's go for it.
We will discuss in details in pm, but post here first.

Thanks in advance.

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