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SEO Package, guaranteed results - Multiple feedbacks
Author Topic: SEO Package, guaranteed results - Multiple feedbacks  (Read 1428 times)
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Mar 02, 2011 01:39 PM

I am representing company called Cheap Seo Services. We have more than 4 years of experience in SEO field and we do not promise first page for any keyword in one month, so everyone in a hurry can skip this ad. Natural and long lasting seo results do not come very fast.


I got to review this consultation service for 1 of my site, I must say I'm impressed with this service, very well explained although this is not the crap report that some guys sell where in they send u a pdf report about ur site generated automatically. This guy actually tells you what to do and what not.
DP Nickname:Zerosleep

I got a review done from the OP. I must say that it was useful. The analysis was to the point and I am sure if I implement them, SEO optimization will improve. Some of the points were basic but again, I had not done those earlier - so it is to his credit that he identified them.
DP Nickname:iwm1979

some very detailed info on areas of my site which can do with improvement and some great suggestions which make alot of sense when i think about it. Well worth the money he is asking. much appreciated and thanks for the review copy
DP Nickname:tmontana

Just got the review. And I'm must say that it was very informative !!! Now I know a lot about my site, I know main problems , and I can't even imagine about that before. I know a lot things I need to change now. Strongly recommend you this service, you won't be disappointed.
DP Nickname:forrar

Great report thanks, he pointed out several errors I had over looked and emphasized some of the facts I knew about but hadn't fixed. Very good service and well worth the money (I was expecting some sort of report from seo software but this is much better and hand researched)
DP Nickname:dljackson1

Very quick and detailed recommendations. Would recommend to everyone who is new to SEO. My website is completely new and no SEO was done. He explained all the important aspects on how to optimize the site. Also, I got off-site optimization recommendations as well which were also very helpful and to the point.
DP Nickname:deanh12

Just had my site reviewed. Very useful report and great support afterwards. I had follow-up questions which were patiently answered.
DP Nickname:cutiepie1

Sharenator.com - After receiving SEO services from this company we are getting thousands of visitors worth hundreds of dollars everyday.
David Hambling Sharenator.com

Work Samples:
Our own website ranks with keyword "cheap seo services" number 1 on google, yahoo and on bing number 2.

We have launched social network called sharenator.com a few years ago, which now has alexa rank less than 15.000 and receives thousands of unique visitors from search engines every day.

Basic SEO Package $699

  • Website analysis
  • Competitor analysis
On-site Optimization:
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags creation
  • Title tags optimization
  • Sitemap creation
  • Page speed optimization(depending on the website)
  • Content optimization(depending on the website)
  • Url optimization(depending on the website)
  • Heading tags optimization
  • Inner linking optimization
  • Images optimization
  • Content advice
Off-site Marketing:
  • 15 Article creation and distribution
  • Submission to top 200 free directories
  • Social bookmarking(depending on the website)
  • Niche sitewide links from 5 related websites
  • Regular Email support(usually up to 6 hours to reply)
  • Search engine ranking reports
  • Monthly detailed report
Turnaround time is up to 45 days. Afterward you can choose whether to continue improving your search engine traffic from $200 per month. No matter if you choose to continue, you will have guaranteed targeted keywords and traffic improvement.

Every client and website is a different case. We recommend you to contact us and make your goals very clear and we will tell you what guarantees we can offer. If we do not fulfil any part of our agreement we will send a full refund in 3 business days.

Which websites are suitable for this package?
This package is suitable for newly started websites, small business websites, medium business websites, blogs, online shops, websites with medium competition keywords stuck on 3rd, 6th etc. google page.
Package can be targeted to improve 1-2 higher competition keywords, or to attract more long tailed traffic.
This is not suitable if you have a hosting website and you are willing to get on 1st page with "cheap hosting" keyword, for cases like that, contact us and we will prepare a separate offer.

Requirements to start:
  • FTP access
  • Google analytics access(if already installed)
  • Google webmasters access(if already verified)
  • CMS access
  • Fully working online website
  • Clear goals for your SEM campaign
  • Payment in advance
Additional information:
  • Some websites may be charged additionally if they have very complicated cms and on-site optimization can not be performed without cleaning up the website.
  • We do not accept porn, gambling and pharmacy websites.
  • Prices are not negotiable, unless ordering services for 5 or more websites.
You can order Basic SEO Package with paypal on our website http://www.cheapseoservices.org/seo-services/

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@cheapseoservices.org

http://www.cheapseoservices.org/ 12 different SEO Services from seo optimized content creation to targeted seo packages.
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