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Fashion ugg boots
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Dec 10, 2010 08:48 pm

Fashion ugg boots
This elevator door open of time is a bright place, discount ugg boots chunk coarse stone spell on the floor of the be born glass, transparent one-storey with high low green plants, is a layout elegant place, see the sign of Kant's "the words" logo, section. Lin is relieved.
"Hey, DuanLin you coming? Long time no see." Walk into the office mentioned what, a male teacher gave his own house/apartment leads cheap ugg boots to the window of desk and chair to sit down. "The original English teacher will go abroad resident, we have less to an English teacher, I suddenly remind of you come, you this boy, is I was taught inside the most honest a..."
A man surnamed shut, a middle-aged man looks mild, moderate face, trimmed hair, looks much younger than his age. He is DuanLin university period of teacher, is an elective course is very popular with the students, especially ugg boots for sale female students welcome teacher. Later likely because and female student make out what bad things only to resign, but also no wonder, heard that was originally director, shut the teacher is entertainment, the circle is always messy, when the teacher only his interest. But, regardless of each other in what reason to become a teacher, DuanLin only remember his lecture is very interesting, oneself really learned a lot, so he is a good teacher, that's enough.
So shut a teacher telephone come over, cheap snow boots  DuanLin opted to accept each other's kindness, come and unfamiliar city when a teacher, after all this to did not work itself is simply don39 pie, oneself have no reason not to accept.
Looked at the time, I was class begins tomorrow, the next most important today is the housing.
Neighbor WangPoPo in their walk before give youself a address, said help here myself to the house rent, if come can stay there, DuanLinYou bring that address, but at the beginning of the traffic here is very not clear...
Hence, DuanLin touch out their own book, winter boots  pointing to the address above asking close teacher: "how do you know where here it is from here? Past probably how long? Need to sit which bus?"
"Oh? Here... very near, walk fifteen minutes from here, through university, pass by on the other side of a point is, there is only one way, good looking, and is a big area." Shut the teacher stretched out his arm to a certain direction motioned.
"It's really good, thank you, so... I to say good-bye now." Conversation among the phone was ringing, embarrassed to delay the other person's time, ugg boots wei2 nod, DuanLin carry their luggage to go out.
Sit elevator down the elevator, this time I was right out of the elevator, second between out flank of elevator someone's out, that person come out in a hurry walk, DuanLin hesitated for dazed at last, took one look at the elevator, elevator LCD digital slowly move, 1... 5... 10... Finally, in the sixteenth position, stopped.
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