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PrizeBoxy | FREE Prizes/CASH/Xbox Games/Vouchers/Anything You Want!
Author Topic: PrizeBoxy | FREE Prizes/CASH/Xbox Games/Vouchers/Anything You Want!  (Read 522 times)
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Dec 05, 2010 08:59 am


PrizeBoxy is not like most of the other GPT sites posted on this forum.
We offer cash and points. You can earn an easy $250 per week from simply completing offers alone, imagine if you had a few referals completing offers too!

So what can you get from PrizeBoxy?

The answer is you can get almost anything! We have a shop which lists all avalable items that you can redeem but we also do custom orders, so you can order ANYTHING we can buy for you online, and the best part is it is FREE! From HackForum Ub3r to an Xbox 360 Elite!

We also offer cash! So you can get payments sent to you via paypal! Cash offers are easier to complete than point offers so earning yourself a lot more cash would be a good idea, maybe you could get yourself a little something for Christmas or a little something for someone else!

The possibilities are ENDLESS so what are you waiting for?

Click Here To Join and Start Earning Right Away!

Payments/prizes are being sent at the beginning of every month for now, but we will be changing payments to weekly soon.
Games will be added in the near future when we get enough members.
Suggestions are wanted so please contact us on the site with all of your suggestions.
Contests will be added to the site within a few weeks.
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