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I screwed up my layout!!! (i think) -semiemergency!
Author Topic: I screwed up my layout!!! (i think) -semiemergency!  (Read 566 times)
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Dec 08, 2010 07:24 pm

Need help.

I was tweaking something in my layout on BuxBunny.com and after I fixed most of what got screwed up (links not working), I tried to login and now my captcha doesn't show up. I know if I try to log in the site will suspend my account, but I am worried more about members trying to login and THEM getting suspended and me not able to fix their accounts while I can't get in. frusty

Any idea what got zapped? (look at login page) How to fix it? Cry Cry
Cause I have no idea.

Thanks Cry


*UPDATE* I noticed I am still logged in my admin area and still have access there, and yet, I am still logged out of my "member" account Shocked
Least thats what it looks like. Maybe its my IP address? Undecided

UPDATE: I can now login, but the captcha doesn't show yet it is still turned on. Roll Eyes

Update: the site kicked me off now I can't log back in due to above stated problem Cry
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Reply #1: Dec 09, 2010 02:09 am


This is the link you have in the header for captcha.

The link dosen't seem to exist look for your sexy captcha style.css.

I believe this is the correct link: http://buxbunny.com/css/sexy-captcha/styles.css

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