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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment AS AN ADMIN:Really honest admin.Pys quickly.Runs his sites in a planned manner.Isnt a reckless admin like others.Really hard working and treats his sites as his babies.

AS A DESIGNER:Extremely gifted in designing...has skills which are alien!have a look at his sites if you need corroboration.

AS A FRIEND:Superb friend to have.Though hes an admin and hes busy he spent some jolly time with me.Very honest person.Doesnt hurt the feelings of others.Knows to see the nicer things in ugly things.I sent him a really really nasty guide but he still says it helped!Really nice guy.I would recommend that you hit up on this person.Isnt mean and jealous like most in this money making world.Extremely co-operative and polite.

all this makes for a gentleman!But lol theres something in him that makes him cute(no i didnt see his pic lol)

he shall forever be a cutie pie for me.Great ref and an even better human being

I hope we stay friends for a long time to come:)

Comment by: sangeeth
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