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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment ...but after a technical support person contacted after i drew their attention to his gripe thread about his issue about a known good GPT site (instaGC) then they got in contact with him on the board and helped him solve his seemingly simple problem cashing out.

Yes, I give kudos to the instaGC people for going beyond the call of duty in this case but I ALSO give much credit to patiently listening to the instaGC 'experts', following precise instructions on how to solve the issue, and the he actually went out of his way to thank and praise the instaGC helpers publicly for their help.

This all amounts to a well mannered upstanding citizen who knows when he is wrong, admits it, takes the advice of those in the know, appreciates their help, and makes it publicly known that the good guys are honestly good guys ;-)  
Comment by: Shout4Cash
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